Changing DNS to direct email to iCloud


I hope someone can help me please. I signed up for a domain and I want the email to go to iCloud. Using the iCloud system allows me to send email with my domain as part of the email address. I have altered my DNS on here but the email is not forwarding. Using this same setup works at another domain I have, my intention is to eventually close my old domain down. Can anyone help please?

Hello there!

Did you set up the Custom Email Domain in iCloud+? That is a requirement. Apple won’t let you forward to iCloud Mail without that. If you had it working on another domain, you can’t reuse the same DNS records.

Make sure you’ve added the domain to iCloud+ Custom Domains, and ensure you’re using the correct generated records.

Please let me know if you have any questions or require further assistance!


Thanks for the reply. I think the transition of the DNS records might have affected it but it started working again. Thank you

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