Changing DNS status from proxied to not-proxied, and then changing it back

I changed one A-record from proxied to not proxied (orange to grey). After doing a bit of research, however, I understood, this was not to be done. I changed it back to being proxied by Cloudflare, but I am still getting an error on my site which first showed when I switched to grey cloud.

This site can’t provide a secure connection

So, now that it has gone back to being proxied, will the error still show whenever I try to access the website through https link?
FYI, http link works.

It would really help if someone could give me clarity on this.

There is no problem per se with that. However in your case it seems to indicate you have no certificate on your server and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and that is an issue.

I’d actually change to :grey: again, make sure it loads fine on HTTPS, and only then proxy it again.

Hi, thanks so much for the quick reply.

I do have flexible Cloudflare encryption on my WP website.
However I am running the diagnosis again and checking for any problem that may have arisen.

That is exactly the issue and what you need to fix. You need a certificate on your server and change that to “Full Strict”, otherwise you’ll still have an insecure site.

I understand using Full Strict is recommended.

However, I have a WP website and uploading Origin Certificates with my hosting provider is not possible without cPanel.

Earlier, I used Flexible mode and it worked just fine.
Now that I changed it for a moment, it immediately started showing the mentioned error.

You don’t necessarily need an Origin certificate. Any certificate will do, you best talk to your host about it.

Ok, got it.
Thanks for your help.:slight_smile:

Just to let everyone know that my problem has been solved, my site is back online. In the unlikely case anyone is facing this problem, I changed it back to being proxied and I changed my SSL mode from Flexible, and changed it back again; and I removed/revoked any other certificates for other SSL modes. I don’t know how that helped, but at least my site came back online.

Your site is still completely insecure in that way and has no encryption.

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