Changing DNS settings.

I purchased a domain, from Network Solutions about 10 years ago. I moved it to GoDaddy about 6 years ago. Although it resides at GoDaddy, it is hosted (?) at Cloudflare. I have recently purchased two email address for Venture Road at GoDaddy but they can not be activated until I change the DNS settings at Cloudflare. I have the attached the Current DNS settings at Cloudflare and also the new settings sent to me by GoDaddy. How and where do I make the changes. Our business is at a stand still without email. Your help woud be greatly appreciated.

Lenny Herrin.

Firstly, you haven’t set the Cloudflare nameservers at Godaddy which is why your domain is still in a pending state at Cloudflare.

At the bottom of the DNS records are two nameservers of the form You must set those at Godaddy instead of the nameservers currently in use.

Then update the records you have been asked to set. Some (autodiscover, the MX record) exist already, you just need to change the content. Press “edit” to edit those.

For those that don’t exist, press the “Add record” button, select the record type (CNAME, TXT, etc), enter the values as shown and press save.

You can press the “repeat check” button in the link above to see if you have the correct nameservers set and some of the other records.

[edit] Cloudflare just provides you with DNS in this case. Your site is hosted at Shopify.

Thank you for the quick reply.Although I am pretty comfortable on the Mac, this DNS
Records is new to me. I will do my best to follow your instructions. We cannot do
business without Venture Road email…I am hoping to be able to follow your lead.

Lenny Herrin.