Changing DNS Records

Here’s the deal – I am moving an old site to a new host. The DNS repointed properly yesterday but un-repointed back to the old host today. So I opened a Cloudflare account for the site. I have changed the nameservers. Cloudflare is telling me my site is fully operational on Cloudflare. What do I do next? What records do I change on Cloudflare to point the DNS to my new host account? And how do I change them? I need simple directions. I’ve looked through the article titles in the database and can’t even make out which ones might relate to my question.

Also, if I were to move my domain name registration to Cloudflare, should I do that first and then repoint, or after?

My new web host directed me to change one of the A name records, but when I did as directed I got this message – A CNAME already exists with that host. (Code: 81054). Do I have to delete the old A record first?

Your DNS records need to completely match the new host’s DNS records.

As for that warning, you can’t have an A record that matches the same name of a CNAME record, so you’ll have to find that conflict in your DNS record list.

Thanks. Yes, my new host now is telling me to delete the CNAME record first and then edit the ANAME. Wish me luck.

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The issue seems to be fixed now and the DNS pointed correctly.

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