Changing DNS records for flexible ssl

It seems my account is old, but I don’t see any DNS records which I can take from cloudflare and add to my main domain…I want to activate flexible ssl, but my hosting site told you need to point DNS to cloudflare, but how will I get it if I can’t find DNS records here.

To point the DNS to Cloudflare you need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar to the ones shown when you add a domain to Cloudflare (or at the bottom of the domain page if it is already added)
After that you can mange the DNS through Cloudflare and also enable flexible SSL.
If you want more detailed help please post the domain name you’re trying to use so we can have a more in-depth look

I can’t see dns for cloudflare for

Apologies I didn’t check the dashboard before posting that and did it out of the top of my head.

If you go into your Cloudflare dashboard and select the domain at the to left then go to DNS records page the name servers are listed directly under the DNS records under the header Cloudflare nameservers.

It says the site is hosted with __ and the DNS records are maintained by them…if I find DNS records I will add it to domain.

Can someone from team help me it says Your DNS zone file is hosted by Arvixe , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website. How to know what dns records I need to add at arvixe? I can’t at any where find out the dns records …

Hi @mohit99099,

If you are currently signed up through a partner, you would need to remove the domain from your Cloudflare account and add it again on a full setup of you want your DNS hosted at Cloudflare. Otherwise you will need to make any changes on the partner’s side.

You should, however, be aware of Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice.


Can’t I get dns records from cloudflare and give it to the partner hosting site???/What if I add the domain again? Will I be able to point it to cloudflare fully and get it fully pointed to cloudflare??? I don’t understand why I need to remove the domain…

Do you want a full setup on Cloudflare where Cloudflare host your DNS or do you want to keep on your partner setup through Arvixe?

what’s the difference between the two???/I want to mainly host through arvixe…Partner setup better option…

I am trying to understand this from days…Arvixe people tell me that they need dns from cloudflare and I can’t find any in cloudflare panel…

Can’t I get secondary dns records from cloudflare team, which I can give to arvixe and they do the further procedure???pls help me…can someone from cloudflare team pls send me the secondary dns???

Your domain is using DNS. If they can’t figure out their own system, I suggest you move to another host.

If you want to keep using that same host, then follow the directions @domjh posted.

I didn’t understand the difference between doing a full setup and keeping on partner setup through arvixe???

Don’t do Partner Setups with a host that can’t take care of you.

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But why cloudflare dns for my domain not showing in the panel…why should I remove and add domain again ? If cloudflare can send me the cloudflare dns for domain, then I would give it to the hosting site…

Cloudflare can’t send you any DNS because Cloudflare aren’t hosting your DNS. The partner is hosting it and if they can’t help you use their services, I would suggest you get a better host, as @sdayman said.