Changing DNS records and A record

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And thank you for your time , currently my ecommerce website DNS records are handled from godaddy but the A record is pointing to cloudways DigitalOcean servers. Due to the fact that iam not happy with Digital Ocean server i was thinking to migrate to VULTR (again in cloudways ). So basically i would have a downtime , so i was thinking to move my DNS records to cloudflare Pro plan . I have couple of questions hope to get answers.

  1. My mx records currently are pointing to the cloudways , if i decide to point my DNS records from godaddy to cloudflare will my email services need reconfigure and change MX records ?

  2. Due to the fact that i want to change server , i must change A record to point to the new server IP . Is it better first to change the A record (while the DNS records are in godaddy) and then point the DNS records to Cloudflare ?

  3. Does the pro plan offer cloud image compression and delivery ?

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Short answer - from my experience, once when the domain is at Cloudflare and is using Cloudflare DNS (nameservers setup correctly), actually it is really fast for the changes to apply regarding DNS records as the TTL value is set to lower values (as like the hosting providers usually have 14400).

From my experience, before changing nameservers, I do re-check and I lower the TTL value to for example a 300 seconds (5 minutes).
Meaning, the lower the TTL, the sooner the cached record expires.
This allows queries for the records to occur more frequently :wink:

You can import your existing DNS record as a .txt file to Cloudflare if you have them well pre-formatted in a BIND format.

You would just have to change the IP address (content value) for the needed record(s) at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.

Regarding propper e-mail setup and functionallity, I would recommend looking into the below articles:

Due to the Pro plan, it has got really useful enhancements and improvements (at least for me) such as for mobile users (image WebP delivery, Turbo TCP, etc.) as far as more than 80% of my visitors come from mobile and the Managed WAF security :slight_smile:

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