Changing DNS Name Servers


I bought my domain from Cloudflare but to build a website on WordPress I have registered to Bluehost. They are saying my website won’t show up till the servers have been updated to
ns1.bluehost. com
ns2.bluehost. com

How can I amend this

If you bought the domain through Cloudflare Registrar you can’t change the nameservers. You would have to transfer out to a non-Cloudflare registrar.

However, you should check if the host has any alternate options that don’t require using their nameservers. Usually there’s a way for you to set up the necessary DNS entries manually although you may have to poke around in the documentation a bit or contact their support.

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Thank you for your reply.

As I only bought the domain today do you know if Cloudflare have a cancellation process as I can’t see it mentioned anywhere it may be easier to to move to Bluehost and get them to do what’s needed.

First time doing this stuff and it’s already so confusing

I don’t think there’s a cancellation option with Cloudflare Registrar, although some other registrars have one. Cancelling a domain with the intent of re-registering it is dangerous anyway as squatters may grab it (domain adds and drops are public record). A few years back I cancelled a domain is a registrar that had a refund policy and fortunately nobody grabbed it (low value name) but I did have to wait a week or two for it to flush out properly before I could re-register it elsewhere.

I did a bit of research regarding if it’s possible to use Bluehost without using their nameservers, and results were inconclusive; according to some other threads some people got it working but they had to contact Bluehost support in order to get the necessary IP address to point a DNS record to.

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