Changing DNS IP

@ domjh Thank you for that information it has help me too. Could you also let me know 2 things once I change my A name IP how long does that usually take to change and when changing the orange cloud to grey how long should that take? The Reason is I changed them 3-4 days ago but when I go to DNS checker or it still points to Cloudflare IP.

Hi @llwmarketing,

Glad it was helpful!

When you change the IP address of a :orange: record, it will take a few seconds because the actual IP address shown will still be the Cloudflare one.

When changing the IP address of a :grey: record (or toggling a record between :orange: and :grey:), it can take a short while to propagate, but not normally longer than 24-48hrs, and I would expect it to be much quicker than that.

Are you able to share a screenshot of your DNS records and also the domain name?

just to let you know I have just greyed out the clouds with in the last 5 min. not sure if they all need to be grey. I am not sure what I can share on screen shots on here.

The ones you have set to :grey: aren’t showing a Cloudflare IP for me, but working as expected.

thanks I will have to contact customer support for cloudflare

Can you post a screenshot or link to the test you are running that returns Cloudflare IPs?

Ah! I think I see what you might be saying… Are you testing your root domain? The one with the CNAME where you have blanked out the target in your screenshot?

In which case, the service that it points to also uses Cloudflare, which is why you can’t set it to :orange: and still see the Cloudflare IPs.

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