Changing DNS IP get 503 error

We need to change hosting, but when we change the Cloudflare DNS IP records we get a 503 error!

Forgot to mention that now the hosting provider is cloudways and we are moning to hetzner!

This will be a server issue.

Pause Cloudflare and verify that your site loads fine on HTTPS. If it doesn’t contact your host to fix it.

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Actually, we have set the nameservers of cloudflare at registrar and at the same server we have another domain that is working fine … if we pause cloudflare, how the server would resolving?

Straight to your server.

with pause you mean development mode or disable?

What I posted earlier.

So did it work when paused?

it was not a CF problem but plesk!

Right, that’s why pausing is useful here. Once it loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare, it will also load fine on Cloudflare.

Just make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

Yes, thanks!

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