Changing DNS back to host

I am a novice at all this so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. Last night I set up a free Cloudflare account and pointed my site to Cloudflare, changing my nameserver to the info Cloudflare gave me. In about five minutes the site stopped working and being impatient I went and X out all the entries on the Cloudflare DNS page and changed my nameservers back to my host. For about 30 minutes it still showed an error when going to my site with notes from Cloudflare, then (as now about 8 hours later) it says 'site cant be reached, IP address can’t be found"

My question: is this normal, do I just wait and this will resolve itself?

If you have changed your nameservers back to your host, then Cloudflare is no longer involved and your settings here have no effect. Any DNS records will have to be configured wherever you have now pointed the nameservers.

It may be a propagation issue on your end if you still see the site on Cloudflare.

If you do want to use Cloudflare, please let us know what the error was and we can try and help you to resolve it.

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Thanks for the quick reply domijh, but should I just wait and it will resolve. ? I have a bad habit of messing with things and breaking them further.

If the nameservers are changed back to your host and everything is set up correctly there, then yes. If you are happy to share your domain name, we can check that it is correctly moved away from Cloudflare.


It looks like it’s propagated:

If it’s not working, contact your host.

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cool, thanks sdayman

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when I add the www in front of the name all Xs come up

Correct, you don’t have a www entry at your host. Again, this is now handled at your host…not Cloudflare.

got it . Ill contact them

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