Changing DNS A Record

Hi everyone. I am having problems with my dns. I attempted to add an a record that points to my vps server with the name as ‘vps’. However, it doesn’t update the IP address to the new IP when I ping What am I doing wrong? Some reason it keeps some other IP address in for

Appreciate the help.

If it’s set to :orange:, then it will keep the public IP address Cloudflare has assigned for that hostname.

Yes, it is set to proxied. But there is no ability for me to create an A record that is DNS only. I just want to redirect to my vps so I can use RDP merely by typing in the subdomain.

Clicking an “A” record’s :orange: will let you edit that entry to change it to :grey:.

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Wow! I didn’t notice that. I hope it fixes it. Will advise after dns propagation.

That did the trick! You are amazing sir. I very much appreciate you.

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