Changing Data Centres free account

HI There

I have recently set up my site with a free Cloudflare account, my site was sitting on a UK IP address, but since switching to Cloudflare this has now swithched to the Coloudflare US IP.

Is there a way please for me to swith to the UK data centre within Cloudflare, when I only have a freee account.

Cheers guys, any help gratefully received.


The addresses are registered under Cloudflare US, however as they use anycast, you will be routed to the nearest datacentre anyhow, which should be the the UK in your case.

Hi Sandro

My site is being routed via the US, do you know how I can change this to UK Sandro.



You can’t change it, as it should route through the datacenter nearest your website’s visitor. If you use your browser’s Dev Tools, you should see a CF-Ray header that has the three-letter datacenter code at the end. They’re named after the nearest large airport.

If you are located in the US, you will be routed from nearest Cloudflare US data center to the UK. Customers from UK are routed from nearest CF UK data center to your server… Customer is always connected to nearest Cloudflare data center, this is whole point of Cloudflare CDN and any other CDN fort that matter.

Replace with your domain, open it, copy value next to “COLO=” (3 letter, uppercase text) and share it here.


One explanation is that “nearest datacenter” is not always at the “geographic, physical distance” level, but in virtual terms, latency / ping time between the location and ISP of the client / user and the Cloudflare Datacenter. This is explained, if you wish to deepen, with BGP resolution and peering contracts between providers and internet networks. The near-fast-direct concept is relative and the routes are dynamic, they change not by country, but by connection company.

You can also use proxy / VPN or test tools to simulate other locations, for example using Opera Browser Free VPN and navigate from Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Malasya, etc; in cdn-cgi and using F12 in the header analysis you can see COLO = XXX as well as accessing with GTMETRIX or PingdomTools, so change the location and see what datacenter you assign.

How did you tell it is routed via the US? Did you check the trace output?

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