Changing Cloudflare Nameservers


I changed my domain registrar from Go Daddy to Cloudflare

I am transferring my website onto a Real Estate platform called KV Core.

They need me to be on specific nameservers for them to complete the build. However, there are no options to change it.

I basically need to change ed.cloudflare to rob.cloudflare


That option isn’t available yet. But they’re working it. No ETA.

Are you saying they need it to be on a different set of Cloudflare name servers? Any idea why they need a specific set of name servers?


I have 0 clue why


At this point, you’re going to have to wait either:

  1. Sixty days to transfer the domain registration out.
  2. For Cloudflare to let you set your name servers.
  3. For KV Core to not be so picky.

Kv said that it is their nameservers and that I have to change it. So I would really just need that one change. I am not sure if that is a huge issue for Cloudflare?


How do I get to Cloudflare Support for this?


Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


They run you through 50 hoops to eventually tell you to go ask the community. I’m convinced there is no tech support.


When you click the link that @sdayman posted to contact support, you can choose ‘Get more help’ to contact them. Alternatively, at the bottom of most of the articles on, there is a link to contact support.