Changing Cloudflare Nameserver to WebHost Nameserver


I am new!
Cloudflare is my Domain Registrar.
My webhost, siteground, have asked me to point my domain to their server by changing the DNS servers of my domain to theirs.
Please I need help and assistance on how I can that on cloudflare.



You just need to point the Siteground nameservers to the domain to get it work.


Thank you. But how may I do that?


Ask Site ground to provide nameservers for their hosting.
That name servers needs to be updated on the Cloudflare Domain configuration page.


Thanks a lot.

I asked and they provided them. Two in number.

How do I update/configure on Cloudflare?


Sorry, but that response is inaccurate. You cannot change your nameservers for the time being.

Simply ask your host for your DNS records and configure them accordingly in your Cloudflare account under “DNS”.


Thank you for your response.
I am a cloudflare free package subscriber.
Following you instruction, I went to my dashboard then to DNS then to Cloudflare Nameservers, but other than the cloudflare assigned nameserver there seems to be nothing else I could do. The next option is Custom Nameservers and that requires upgrading to the Cloudflare Business package. Is there some way I can do this without having to upgrade? I would greatly appreciate help on this regard as my website hosting is just hanging.


Exactly, what else did I write?


I want to change the cloudflare assigned nameservers to the nameservers of my website host


To change them this way you need to leave Cloudflare and change them at your host. Cloudflare won’t be in any way related to your domain anymore.

You can however add third-party NS for subdomains, that can be done in the DNS settings simply adding a record.


Thank you.
Which means I have to transfer my domain to a new registrar, like namecheap, in order to effect the NS change, right?


Is your domain on Cloudflare’s Registrar? You need to wait 60 days from the last change to do so.


Yes! And Oh my!
But thank you so very much for the help. I think it is the most economical option.
Except I decide to upgrade to the cloudflare business package, right?


Even on the business plan, you can’t change he nameservers in Registrar. You can just use other nameservers and still use Cloudflare services.


Not really, the upgrade option is to add vanity nameservers, that still point to Cloudflare. Cloudflare Registrar, as @domjh said, is limited to customers which have their domain active with Cloudflare (and is in fact a requirement to transfer domains over).


Never knew that!
Thank you so much for your help and info.


Okay, and thank you once again.
Which means the upgrade to business plan wouldn’t necessarily allow me to make the NS change immediately, and I’d still have to wait for the 60 days post transfer to cloudflare before effecting transfer from cloudflare registrar to a new registrar, right?


Correct. You can’t use any third-party NS with Cloudflare apart from putting them on subdomains.

Correct again, unfortunately this is an ICANN requirement, you can’t transfer for 60 days after any major change to a domain.


Thanks a whole lot!
You guys are a truly awesome community of helpers!
I’m grateful to everyone for your help.
I’d be waiting for the expiration of the 60 days!
Thank you once again.

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