Changing Cloudflare Data Server

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I have website that has just started using the Cloudflare. When I was developing the website it loaded super fast, as soon as I switched over to Cloudflare the sites speed has dropped.

Following this Cloudflare post I’ve worked out the site is being routed via the US and sometimes via Hong Kong.

This is strange since the site server is located in Sydney, AUS, I’m accessing it from Melbourne AUS and Cloudflare has a Data Center in Both Sydney & Melbourne. Is there anyway to set the data center. As we’ve duplicated the WP build and the duplicate loads faster, only difference is it’s not using CF.

Site in question:

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it is still the case.

Yes, it’s still the case that you need Business or Enterprise to get practical benefit from Cloudflare in Australia, except for visitors using a small number of ISPs or those connecting to your site via IPv6.

Given that the Melbourne and Sydney POPs recently suffered capacity issues, it seems unlikely that Free/Pro users will be able to use the Australian POPs any time soon.

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