Changing Bluehost DNS to Cloudflare

I have been adding domains to Cloudflare and in the process Cloudflare gives me DNS server names to replace my existing DNS.

Except for one domain. Instead it says Status: Requires Full DNS Setup

The website is hosted on Bluehost. The existing DNS are ns1 bluehost com and ns2 bluehost com

Can I just replace the bluehost DNS with beth ns Cloudflare com and duke ns Cloudflare com?

Did you do a Cloudflare setup for that domain through Bluehost? You may have to undo that in order to add that domain here like you did for the others.

You can certainly try changing name servers at your domain registrar. The worst that could happen is you’d have to switch back to the bluehost name servers.

Yes. The problem was caused by the existing Bluehost records. Deleting the Bluehost Cloudflare integration eliminated the issue and I was able to reestablish the Cloudflare account and transfer the domain.

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