Changing authoritative nameservers

Is it possible to use Cloudflare as the registrar but point to other authoritative nameservers for the domain? For example most other registrars let you point your domain to whatever nameserver is desired, but I can’t find this option anywhere on Cloudflare.

Currently not, at some later point it is planned to be possible.

Okay, good to know. If I’m using the Page rules to redirect a domain, what should the main A record be set to in the DNS settings?

Are you using the rule to redirect everything or only parts of the URL?

I had set the permanent redirect option with “**” so that theoretically everything would redirect. But then the DNS page was complaining because I didn’t have any A record set.

you can set an A record (for both www and the root) to some random IP, eg (proxied) so that the page rule takes effect