Changing accounts

Hello, I’ve been going through something a little similar for about 3 weeks now and I’m getting frustrated because I can’t talk to anyone. Problem is…Cloudflare wants me to remove my old nameservers and update them with the two they gave me. When I tried that my website didn’t work. Then I realized in my website setting the nameservers were different from the ones Cloudflare gave me. When I spoke to a rep from Volusion (my website) I asked if he could change the nameservers on my website to the ones Cloudflare gave me and he told me they can’t change theirs. He said Cloudflare needs to change theirs to match the ones on my website. So I added the two sets of nameservers to my DNS hosting. The ones Cloudflare told me to update to and the ones on my website. Now a message on Cloudflare reads: Domain transfer is complete however Cloudflare may still be ensuring your nameservers are correct. I don’t know what this means. Can you help me please?

Seems a bit different but I can see an issue. In the account you are using here you have two nameservers, those are the only two that you should have your domain registrar use for your account. Dig returns those two and it looks like they appear to be propagating, Whois returns four nameservers, your two and two others. Remove the two that are not assigned to the account you are using here.

Is that your domain registrar or your host?

I do not show cloudflare registrar as the registrar for the domain I was viewing, can you share the name of the domain in question? Is it active in another cloudflare account that you can access?

That is the host for my website. ipage is my registrar for my website. I’m not sure if it’s still active it might be because I tried to switch to another company like cloudflare because I couldn’t speak to anyone when I had an Error 1000 message on my website but had to switch back to cloudflare because my website backs it cloudflare. I guess I didn’t close my account before switching back and forth.

If I change my nameservers to the on Cloudflare wants me to update to it won’t connect to my website because the nameservers on my site are different.

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