Changing Account Email

Hi. I need to change the account email to a clien’t email so that they are the owner of the account. Every time I attempt to change the email it gives me an error. Is there any other way to change the account owner?

what is the error?

Are you following this process?

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Yes, I am following the process you attached. The error is “Unable to update email. Email already in use (Code: 1057)” The email I am trying to change it to is already a user I invited but I want them to be the account owner, not me.


Historically, you needed to do a multistage email change in this situation. You may be able to leverage Domain Scoped Roles now.

Let’s cover the multistage email change first.

  1. Change email on invited account to free it up
  2. Change email on current account to the one that was busy

I have not tested the DSR method. If it is possible, I would expect the following to work.

  1. From current owner account, promote the invited admin to Super Admin
  2. From the new Super Admin, remove the original owner account