Changing A records to CNAMEs in CNAME setup CloudFlare

We are switching web hosting providers to Word Press who recommend the use of CNAMEs but our current DNS configuration in Cloudflare uses A records for root and www subdomain pointing to same IP of existing provider. Can I change these to CNAME records of Word Press and if so do I also need to change CNAME flattening to “all”?

You can certainly switch to CNAMEs. It’s up to you if you want to flatten all CNAMEs. That’s what I do for my CNAME records. You’re on a Pro plan or above?

We are on a Business Plan

Just curious as to why you do that? I mean I know we built the feature for a reason, but hasn’t been something I considered using, so since you’re a real life internet-type person who does this… please tell me more.

I do this to obfuscate the destination host. CNAME points to a mail host.

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But you still know the IP if you just resolve it… all you hide is a somewhat meaningless hostname - either in your domain (what’s to hide?) or the name of the hosting company (that a WHOIS on the IP and maybe even simple telnet to port 25 of the CNAME - will tell you…)

What am I missing?

Performance is one use case. Saves your resolver one (or more…) query when one has to go to DNS. This could in some cases be a matter of seconds added to the user experience…

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