Changing A Record

Hi there, I have not been able to login to my WP Dashboard for over 2 weeks…I keep getting an Error 520 after entering my username and password. I have been told by Bluehost to point my website to them and that this will solve the issue. How do I do this? I have received no support from Cloudflare so far.


But to change your A record you simply go to your Cloudflare control panel, open the DNS settings, and make whatever changes you are supposed to make.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried to change my localhost A Record several times. But when I log out and log back in it has changed back to the original again…

That should most definitely not happen, unless something access your account automatically.

Again, whats the domain? What do you mean by “localhost”? Can you post a screenshot of where you change it (redact IP addresses).

You have a www record but it is missing from the screenshot, so I cant comment on that. Your root domain, however, points to Ezoic. I presume this is not correct anymore, right? Do you know where it should point to? What did Bluehost tell you?

From what I can tell you should probably delete the first CNAME in your list (the one pointing to and create a new A record with as name and point it to the same IP address as e.g. mail points to.

As for the other two CNAMEs, they should probably point somewhere else too, but without knowing what they are used for I cant tell you where.

I have recently started using Ezoic and they set those settings up for me. Should I be contacting their support before I make changes?

I dont know what Ezoic is, but you need to know where you point your domain to. Either to that service or to your host.

Ok thanks, I’ll get hold of them. I wasn’t aware they had made this change!

I am not sure they have made a change. Your domain currently points to Ezoic, thats all I can tell. Should it point to them or your host?

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