Changing A Record When Domain Not Found


My site was being hosted on a site that used cloudflare. I moved my site to another host that doesn’t use cloudflare.

The original host is not helping me and the new host can’t because it’s on cloudflare. So I signed up for cloudflare and went into manage domains and searched for my domain. Nothing came up. I’m afraid to add/register my domain in case things get messed up even more. The advice of my new host states:

The domain “” appears to be using Cloudflare nameservers. Could you please recheck that its A record points to the IP address “” in Cloudflare end?

I have no clue what I’m doing…Could someone give me steps on what to do so I can reclaim my domain. I want to setup with wordpress.

Disregard. Finally figured it out after 2 days

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