Changing a partial zone setup to full

We have a enterprise-level zone in Cloudflare with a partial CNAME setup but we’re planning to move it to Cloudflare DNS hosting completely.

Would changing the nameservers at the registrar be enough? There are no nameservers listed on the dashboard but and resolve the domain in the desired way.

If explicit changing of the zone setup to full is required too, what is the process guaranteeing no downtime?

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NO. Do not simply add the name servers which are currently returned by a query. They will change when you convert to full.

Convert zone to full. Import appropriate records from current authoritative zone. Verify records. Verify them again. Change name servers at registrar to the pair in dashboard.

Your enterprise account team can validate the steps and provide additional guidance if you have any snowflake related settings which should be considered.

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Thank you, cscharff. That makes sense to me now as I’ve been able to verify that resolves on a full setup zone too so there should be no downtime unless converting to full requires updated NS records at the registrar before the domain is active on Cloudflare again.

I can confirm that the conversion to full zone worked without interruption. One thing i can add is that the conversion does not appear to be available as an API feature and needs to be done by the Cloudflare support team.

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