Changes to your Cloudflare subscription

We’ve received an email that states that a plan has been deleted:

I would like to know what the excluded domain was, since the exclusion was not carried out by our team.

Did the email come from [email protected] as it appears to show in that screenshot? Doesn’t look like a CF email if it did …

Or did it come from CF and that is a forwarded copy if the email?

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Come from the email [email protected]:

Hi @equipe, it sounds as if one of your domains expired, name servers reverted to the registrar’s defaults, was detected by Cloudflare and removed. If so, when the change was detected you should have received an email. You could also check recently renewed domains.

Edit: can you share the domain and check your name servers, replace with your domain name


I need to find out what the changed / removed domain was.

You can probably see this in your audit log.

found it:

Could you explain me about this change? Was it done automatically?

That change does not seem related to this issue, that domain correctly points to Cloudflare and functions fine.

The item in the audit log that you posted a screenshot of refers to an Argo trial and not to the removal of a domain.

You probably want to look in that log for something like one of these recemtly: