Changes to Your Cloudflare Subscription. Account closed


My cloudflare account was closed without me asking for it, bills paid etc. I received the following email…

Changes to Your Cloudflare Subscription
We are sorry you no longer need Cloudflare Pro Plan.
This is a confirmation that your subscription was cancelled on May 8.
You will no longer benefit from advanced security and performance benefits only available on the Pro Plan
Email us at [email protected] to provide any feedback or let us know why you cancelled so we can make Cloudflare Pro Plan better.
Learn about our cancellation and refund policy here
Cloudflare Team

The domain I had set up was yet to point it’s nameservers but I had a lot of pagerules setup waiting and we were paying for pro plan. I’ve raised a support request but had no response

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Hi @dave.wright,

This seems to be a particular case. The best thing to do is wait for a support response.

Please share the progress of this incident with the community so that all users can be aware.

I hope your problem is resolved as soon as possible.
Let me know if you need any help.


Is the domain actually terminated? Have you opened the Dashboard? I know there have been a bunch of erroneous e-mails about this that were sent out without any actual change.

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