Changes not recognized, being purged, and under development mode

It’s been hours from now, my hosting says it’s Cloudflare related.

Nothing that I upload to my server gets recognized, in fact goes 404 Not Found on all browsers.

I’m about to give up.

No answering from Cloudflare either.

Hi @marianog, can you share any detail like domain or the file that is causing issues?

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I’m afraid it’s a sensitive url, I can only share it privately

Since you mentioned no answer from Cloudflare, can you post the Ticket #?

Interesting… I followed the instructions to get the HAR file but since the page is blank, it does not let me save anything. So I cannot place a ticket without a HAR file?

Since you can’t share your domain name, there’s nothing we can do. But if you post the Ticket #, @cloonan can take a closer look.

Ok, I think first ticket got lost, here is the second one: 1655482

Thank you.

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Thank you, @marianog, I see ticket and the earlier one, both merged into 1655360 as the surviving ticket. It usually takes support a day or so to reply. Added myself to the ticket to keep an eye out on it.

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Great , thanks for the support!

Marked as almost solved on the email reply, but I found the server IP that Cloudflare shows on that log, is different from the real IP of the actual server.

That’s why it’s not getting the new files.

Please check the ticket.


I’m wondering if removing the site and then re-adding could solve your problem

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