Changes in Zaraz CSS break our custom CSS / Disable default CSS

Hi there! We’ve recently rolled out Zaraz with a consent dialog. We’ve customized the dialog heavily with custom CSS to match our website look. Unfortunately, it seems some changes in Zaraz default styles broke our styling, but we’ve noticed only after a report from one of our users (since most of us have the dialog hidden).

So, I have two questions / suggestions:

  • Is it possible to track these, potentially breaking, changes to consent dialog somewhere, so we can adjust our styles in a timely manner?
  • Or even better: Would it be possible to add feature to disable the default styling to prevent any future conflicts? The added benefit is we’d shave off a few bytes of unused CSS.


Hey, we’re really sorry to hear that the stylesheet update broke your design. Please note the Consent features of Zaraz are still part of the beta service. This will change very soon and then things will stabilize significantly.

We will also soon launch the Consent API which will effectively allow websites to build their own consent modal from scratch, without depending on the builtin modal’s HTML/CSS/JS. I believe this could be the feature you’re looking for.

Thank you, @yoav_zaraz, I understand we’re using a beta service, so we should expect things to occasionally break. :wink:

Yes, Consent API sounds definitely like something we’d use, I’ll look forward to that!

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