Changes in Web Analytics Measurement?

I have had a sudden drop in analytics since May 28, 2021 to the point where I don’t think it is likely that it is due to visits. Has there been a change in the measurement in the views and visits for web analytics?

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I have the same issue :confused:

@s-crypt please check whether you have the script right before </body> tag.
I used to have it before </head> & after I changed it, it seems to work.

there were no code changes on the site.

Yeah even in my case, it stopped working on a similar day… what I changed today is the positioning of the code from </body> to </head>

Same behavior here! Since May 31, sudden drop of visits and, the few ones that remains are coming from US.

I already reported the error to CF Support and they completely ignored me.

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I got the same issue, removed the old and created a new web analytics id and still this behaviour of no new views persisted.

This seems to work, thank you.
But I could not yet figure out why this was happening.

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@MoreHelp the issue is still going on. Please, can you take a look at it?