Changes in DNS are not being reflected after 24 hours

In the midst of developing my new website I had to change the IP address to a new VPS several times over a 24 hour period. At some point these changes stopped being reflected in my browser and now no matter what I change the DNS IP to, nothing shows up (521 page not found error, or no response from site).

I’ve even set the domain to forward to a url using the Cloudflare page rules and that’s not working either (same errors as above).

Vivaldi and Firefox keep showing a broken copy of the website that hasn’t been live in over a day now. Edge and my phone browser just show ‘no response from site’.

The domain in question is

I’m thinking this has to be a Cloudflare issue since not even the page url redirect is working. Anyways, any help/suggestions would be wonderful, thank you.

That domain doesn’t appear to be proxied (orange-cloud) through Cloudflare. It’s resolving to a DigitalOcean IP address.

It would seem as though you have its DNS record(s) gray-clouded. As such, page rules won’t do anything.

If the IP is correct, I’d contact DigitalOcean as to why the connection is being refused.

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ah, I see, that makes sense, I turned on the proxy and the rule is working as you stated. Thank you for that. I’ll contact DO and see what’s up with the server not responding.

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