Changed username has broken SSL

I have a website running on a Raspberry Pi. It was working perfectly. Then I changed the default user from Pi to something else. This has now broken the SSL on the webserver.

Does anyone know why this has happened and how to fix it, please? Thanks.

You probably removed or changed the location of some files for the web server or the SSL cert in the Raspberry. This is not the place to ask that though, this is outside the scope.

A suggestion though, reinstall the SSL certificate, it’s quicker than troubleshooting most likely.

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Everything is in the exact same location. I’ve not changed anything but the username and home folder.

Well, if it broke your local SSL configuration something about that user must have been related to it and you will need to check your server configuration. As @matteo already mentioned that would be out of forum’s scope however.

Whats the domain?

Fixed it now. The key file had to be regenerated. Obviously the old one had a different owner and was therefore not working under the new user.

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