Changed URL, Now Locked Out Of Wordpress

Hi Guys,

I’m new here and I might be doing this wrong, apologies if I am. I was just in my General Settings page in my Wordpress admin section, and I changed the http part of my site URL by adding an “s” character… Someone told me I had to do this to enable https for my site. :-/ Anyway, now I’m locked out of my site and I can’t get back into the Wordpress admin to do anything.

I’ve tried so many different options, but they all ask for combinations of usernames, passwords etc, and I don’t know if that means Cloudflare’s ones, or Wordpress ones… so confusing.

Am I able to just go into say my-config.php here in Cloudflare somehow and just directly delete that “s” from the URL? There must be some wah I can manage to change it back to regain Wordpress access?

You can reset that URL by editing the wp-config.php file in your WordPress directory:

Thanks so much Sdayman… yes, I did try all of those, but I have so many usernames and passwords, it’s just become a lottery to know which one refers to what’s being asked of me, and being a total n0ob, I don’t know enough to know the differences. I figured if I could just access my wp-config.php file I could just delete the problematic ‘s’ character, as I watched quite a few youtube videos of ppl doing exactly that. But do I do that here in Cloudflare, or is that with my domain registrar? If it is in fact here at Cloudflare, I can’t find access to that kind of backend database file scenario anywhere…

wp-config.php is still at your web host. Cloudflare is only a proxy between your web server and your site visitors.

Oh, wow, I think I get it… thank you so much! I think my server is Linode… I’ll go and ask them about that wpconfig file thing now…!

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