Changed url in Kajabi - nameservers not matching

I changed my url in Kajabi and when I did, Kajabi gave me new nameservers, but Cloudflare is still trying to use the old ones and won’t let me update them. Weirdly my website is up and running with the new url even though it says the nameservers are wrong. But I also can’t update the MX records so I can use email with the new address, but that may be due to the nameserver issue?
Old nameservers are darwin and jamie, and new ones in Kajabi are jermaine and joyce
I can’t change them in Kajabi, as Kajabi sets them, so I must be able to change in Cloudflare so they match, but can’t figure it out.


Can you please share the domain name please?

iopersonaldevelopment . com

I managed to get the emails working by deleting the DNS records for the Cloudflare nameservers.

And the website is live, but it’s saying its not protected by Cloudflare. Still in a pending state

This domain has 4 Cloudflare nameservers associated with it. There should only be 2. Those 2 should come from the account used to manage Cloudflare. I am not sure if you manage through Kajabi or manage through Cloudflare, but it can’t be managed in 2 places at once with different authoritative nameservers.

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Yeah I know there should only be 2, but I couldn’t get them to match up. Kajabi gave the jermaine and joyce ones, which I can’t change. then I went to Cloudflare, which is integrated to Kajabi, and should have automatically populated the same ones. But instead they have the Darwin and Jamie ones, which are from my old domain name. So Kajabi created new ones when I swapped domain, but Cloudflare wants to keep the old ones. This is what I don’t know how to change to get them to be the same?

This is probably a question for Kajabi. If you’re having Kajabi manage your domain they should have a way for you to create and manage DNS entries there.

You can’t change your nameservers in your config for the domain because it isn’t the same as %whatever Kajabi is doing%. Why they want to manage your DNS instead of simply having you point a DNS record to their platform is :man_shrugging: :question: and something they’d have to explain.

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Thanks for your advice. I’ll follow up with Kajabi and see if they can modify then.

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