Changed to new server (same hosting company)

The new location has a new IP address, and my site is working and operating properly at this new location.

HOWEVER, the DNS settings in my cloudflare account still has the old IP addresses listed.

How is this possible? How is my site working from the new location??

Your public IP addresses won’t change. That’s how the Cloudflare reverse proxy works to hide your IP address behind the scenes.

How do you know it is working from the new location?
Maybe, if you point your DNS to the old origin IP then also the old server is still getting used?

I downloaded a new plugin on the site this afternoon (it’s a WP site), then when I looked in file manager of the new location, the plugin was there,

Then this can not be true and you still have the same IP.

Cloud you share your IPs, old and new? (with censored last block)

But on the other hand: I dont see any problem here as everything is working.

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