Changed to Dedicated IP

I changed to a dedicated IP on my hosting site and didn’t THINK what it would do to Cloudflare. Man, what a mess! Is there any way to automate the change or do I have to change each DNS Entry manually. I have a LOT of sub domains and it is gruesome. Please tell me there is an easier way???

Skip Stein

Depends on your definition of easy.

The API lets you easily change (almost?) any Cloudflare setting.

Use GET zones/:zone_identifier/dns_records to identify any records that contain the “old” IP address, and then use PATCH zones/:zone_identifier/dns_records/:identifier to send the new IP address.

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If all your records point to the same host you can use CNAME records pointing to an A record in the future.

For now? If you are good with terraform or another scripting solution you can update via API. Otherwise you will need to update them in the IX (ideally in priority order … and copy/paste to ensure you don’t intro a typo).

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