Changed to Cloudflare DNS and now my site is unreachable

I followed the wizard and changed my nameservers to the Cloudflare ones and now my website is unreachable. It has been 24 hours and the email says active. The error on site load says too many redirects (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS).

There are no longer any DNS records in my namecheap account since I pointed them to Cloudflare. Not sure if it helps but my domain is in namecheap and used to point to my hostgator hosting.

Everything was working fine until I changed the DNS to the Cloudflare suggested ones last night.

These are the Cloudflare nameservers

The best way to fix is: Set your SSL to Full Strict. Here’s the more info:

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I have set my SSL to Full Strict in my Cloudflare dashboard. I still cannot access

How long does this setting take to apply?


Having disabled both:
Always Use HTTPS
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

My site is now loading! Are either of these 2 important to keep on or am I fine without them?

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I see its loading correctly.

This would redirect all requests from “http” to “https”. It’s better to be enabled.

Ok I have re-enabled it and site still seems to be working.

I guess the issue must have been with automatic https rewrites?

That shouldn’t be the issue with that too, yet you may check it.

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