Changed the name of a DNS record but the change does not take effect

I have changed the name of one of my DNS records that was working fine. After the change the site is not reachable. When I inspect the network connection on the browser I see that the fqdn results to instead of the IP that I set in the Cloudflare DNS. Does it take time to get my change?

DNS changes happen almost instantly, just allow for the TTL (300 seconds is the default).

What is the DNS record you are having a problem with?

Actually now I’m getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Your site is returning Cloudflare IP addresses for me…

…but is trying to download something when visited in a browser.

You likely have something local that’s resolving the domain for you to Have you got a local resolver configured to point at a test site, or anything set in your hosts file that might do that?

thank you for the prompt replies. I’ll look into it.

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