Changed the DNA to your name servers, now my website isn't working

Hello. I informed my website host of your name servers and they indicated that I need to change them back to theirs for my website to work.

Is there a way to have multiple name servers? For the past few days, when someone visits my website, they receive an error message. Can you please assist?

Thank you

If you want to use Cloudflare, you need to use CLoudflare name servers. You can’t mix nameservers from different DNS providers.

What is the domain?

The domain is Will I still be able to have my domain authenticated? They provided me with the name server names. Should I provide them to you?

Dr. Arlayn~

You have an error 1000 because you have created DNS that are pointing to Cloudflare IPs. You need to change your DNS to use your hosting provider’s IPs.

What service are you using? It would be helpful for us to know about potential complications with this provider.

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I am using UENI as my internet host. So, to clarify, when I change the DNS name servers back to the host’s name servers, I can still authenticate my domain through Cloudflare, correct?

Dr. Arlayn~

No, you’re cannot do anything with your domain and Cloudflare once you change your nameservers to those of UENI.

If using their nameservers is the only way to use their platform with your own domain, you will not be able to use Cloudflare.

Once you are no longer using Cloudflare nameservers, you will need to make all of your DNS changes through UENI nameservers, including your email authentication records.

What happened? The DNS name servers worked on Cloudflare before (I think).

Dr. Arlayn~

What changed in your DNS records between the time when it was working and the error 1000?

Assuming all changes were in the same Cloudflare account, you may find details in your audit logs.

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