Changed TAG at old registrar too early


I wanted to both move my DNS and my domain to Cloudflare.

I should have changed the nameserver first.

But I stupidly changed the tag first. And now I can’t change the nameserver and I am not given the option to transfer in at cloudflare

Do hope you can help!


Sorry can anyone help me here. My old registrar says the domain has moved to Cloudflare and therefore I cannot change the nameserver and Cloudflare says I must change the name server before I can transfer it in.

I’m in no man’s land!

Will the transfer eventually time out?!

What is the domain?

This is without you initiating a transfer of the domain to cloudflare registrar? (Also, can you confirm that the only change you made was having the former registrar update the tag?)

If yes to the above 2 questions, I’d try to see if 1) your former registrar can revert the tag change, 2) add the domain to cloudflare (if you’ve not already), 3) have the other registrar update your nameservers. Once the site is active, then I’d go through the transfer process.

Hi, can you define “initiating a transfer to Cloudflare”?

I haven’t done that because I keep getting told I can’t until I’ve updated the nameservers.

  1. They say they can’t revert the tag change…
  2. Already have yep
  3. They say they can’t

No man’s land :frowning:

Thank you and really sorry for these troubles, it is a pain. I am going to flag your post for my colleagues in the #website-application-performance:registrar team to see if there are actions they can take. Are you able to share the name of the domain here?

If not, can you open a registrar ticket here, share the name of the domain there and let me know the ticket number?

Thank you

lawnranger dot uk

oh my goodness - the old registrar managed to change the nameserver at last - all sorted!!

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