Changed Server IP Address - update more than DNS settings?

Last week, my host moved me to a new server, and I updated the DNS settings (pic 1) in Cloudflare with the new address. However, as you can see with pic 2, only the MX Records (email) seem to point to the new address [74.124~]. How can I get the other records to point to the new address? I can’t find mention of that old IP anywhere in settings at Cloudflare or at my hosting.

Apologies if it’s really obvious - I don’t really know what I’m doing.

The 104 addresses rarely change, and that’s good. Since Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, visitors still hit the same Cloudflare address, but Cloudflare will immediately start connecting to your new server’s IP address. Visitors shouldn’t notice any difference.

So, your website still works, correct?

Yes, it still works.
However, when I tried to turn on a free SSL option in my web hosting, it said my site was ineligible because it is pointing to the old IP. Alternatively, when I tried to turn on Always HTTPS in Cloudflare, I started getting some website downtime.

I was trying to avoid having to point the domain back to my web host to get it set up, but perhaps I ought to do that?

I appreciate your help.

You may have to :grey: the domain in your Cloudflare DNS tab to enable your host’s Free SSL and then set it back to :orange: when it’s done. It’s very quick to switch and forth.

Thanks… I think that worked. I get warnings from my hosting saying the certificate will have trouble renewing in a few months. I guess I just have to do the same thing at that time.

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