Changed Router, new IV4 IP address - website now inaccessible

I recently upgraded my Verizon FIOS service from 100 to 300 Mb. I did receive a new Public IV4 IP address and thought that all I needed to do was log into Cloudflare and change the IP address listed under domains. I did that and saved the change, but I am no longer able to visit the site through my browser and I receive the 522 error from Cloudflare. I know that the trouble is NOT with Cloudflare, but with some change on my end. Do I need to configure port forwarding on the new router? If so, do I change/add anything to the domain section of Cloudflare? the website resides on my own web server and is accessible using from my attached computer. I apologize for being so obtuse - this was working perfectly. I really need help.

until I changed routers.

My best guess, because maybe the port your service or application used or is using isn’t supported and compatible with Cloudflare’s proxy :orange: mode, which you can check at the link from below? :thinking:

Otherwise, it might be new router needs to be re-configured.

Other way would be to setup and use cloudflared tunnel - no need to worry about IP and ports:

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