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Hello - first I’ve read through alot of the FAQ and I see alot of questions regarding transferring DNS into Cloudflare – and all the questions I see about changing registrars state that Cloudflare doesn’t allow you to change the NS records, if Cloudflare is not your registrar.

Here’s my situation: I am IT support for a company that was using a web-host to manage their domains/websites. We have been tasked with moving a handful of these domains over to GoDaddy – the original Registar was Namecheap, and all of the domains have been setup to proxy through Cloudflare, i.e Cloudflare is hosting the DNS files for each of these domains.

We need to move the DNS hosting over to GoDaddy for 3 of the 4 domains on Cloudflare. Doesn anyone know how I would go about doing this? Right now GoDaddy is pointed at the cloudflare DNS servers, and I would like to change the NS to GoDaddy’s and then point Cloudflare over to GoDaddy.

Any info would be helpful. Thanks again


Two options here which I am not sure which is your case…

  1. If you want to move to GoDaddy, while keeping Cloudflare active, simply transfer the domain making sure the NS stay the Cloudflare ones.
  2. if you want to remove Cloudflare you can change registrar and reset the NS in the middle to the GoDaddy ones (make sure all the relevant records are transferred and maybe do step 1 and then reset the NS in a second step).
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Hey Matteo – You’re a lifesaver – that’s exactly what I needed (#r 2).

Thanks for the quick response, huge help.


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Consider that once you go off the Cloudflare network the dashboard and all the settings reset after ~7 days, backup what you want and if you need something.

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