Changed NS servers to CF, >48 hours ago, but even CF global DNS ( is not resolving it

Wanted to start using CF with our company’s domain, before we move it completely to CF, so the first step was to update the NS records… did that on Friday afternoon, more than 50 hours ago, but still large global DNS servers are not resolving this properly, including the CF one ( and Google (, and few others…

the domain is tcxfund(dot)com

However, lots of other global DNS servers are resolving it properly, and even some ISPs in the Netherlands are resolving it properly… but not all of them, unfortunately…

Anything that can be done here?



The DNSSEC info at your registrar needs to be removed.

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Thanks for a prompt reply @cscharff.

I disabled the DNSSEC on the registrar this morning, but still don’t see the progress…
Also deleted the old SecDNS key.

Do we have to wait for another 48 hours for the change to propagate to all global DNS servers?

Appreciate your response.

Never mind, I see the progress now.

Thanks again for your help.

This case can be closed.

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