Changed NS records to CLoudflare but TXT records not updating

Hi all,

I’m new @ this community. Started testing Cloudflare for 1 of our domains but having trouble with some records.
The domain is “”. Changed the NS-records last week to and Most records work as expected, but some are not available (check via Google DIG).
One TXT record for example; is not available. Tried deleting the record, waiting 10 minutes and adding again but no luck.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance!

The TXT record is resolving ok…

dig +short txt

Hi sjr, Thanks! nice tool…
It does record that dkim is enabled, but I cannot check the TXT record;

This DNS TXT check is neccesary for domain validation for this service (emply)

Also PS check does not show TXT records;

This domain is transferred from another hosting provider. Maybe I have to remove the TXT record from there first…

The only way to check a DKIM record is valid (other than its basic format) is to send an email through a service that checks the record. Try

It indeed looks ok!

Looks like something wrong with the checks @ emply.
** cannot validate dkim **
DKIM domain validating errors. Errors: You have to use registerDkimDomain mutation for the domain [] first.
I’ll try removing the domein from emply en re-enabling dkim…

I deleted the domein from emply, added again and created new DNS TXT record with new value. Now everything looks ok.
Thanks for your help!

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