Changed nameservers to cloudflare now site has been down 72 hours

Hey all. All I didnt was change my nameserver from godaddy to Cloudflare and my site has been down 72 hours. its costing me a ton of sales and I cant figure out how the heck to fix this. My “A” points to the right IP address and everything. I am hosting with managed wordpress. image is below when i try to type in my website


Hi @dealflowmarketer, the screen shot does not seem to have uploaded. What is the domain in question?

On your DNS tab, can you click the :grey: next to the A record to turn it :orange:?

yes it was already on the orange cloud

The record called:
Type - A
Name -

The value is your origin IP address…it is currently set to :grey:

www is set to :orange:, but the naked domain is not.

In either case, the server is throwing a 500 error.

So what does this mean? How do I fix this?

Here is tip on 500 errrors, Community Tip - Fixing Error 500: Internal Server Error, there is not a lot there to work with in the tip, however. It is a non-Cloudflare 500 error page, meaning you’ll need to contact your hosting provider.


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