Changed nameservers, site went down


I changed my nameservers and the site went immediately down when checking in the US.

I checked other forum posts, but could not see a solution other than say wait. But this does not sound right.

If the previous name servers are up and work, and changing it to cloudflare, surely it should be up and running all time. If it’s not up when the new nameserver is populated, it means the dns settings are wrong?

I copied everything except the @, because I could not. Cloudflare UI says it was already added, while it was not.

Is this an issue with SSL? as the site should be https

Your help is much appreciated.


It can take a few days for DNS changes to propagate. So long as the nameservers you entered into your registrar are the same as what Cloudflare display in your CF panel, and the DNS records entered into Cloudflare match what you had with your previous DNS host, it should resolve within a couple of days.


Also if you were using DNSSEC you might need to update your DS record.
“@” is your root zone like “”. When you add an “@” record the Cloudflare dashboard represents it as whatever your zone is.


Hi all thank you for the replies and explaining the @ sign. The issue was that I used to use MediaTemple’s partner setup, I disabled it (as it was flawed) and created a new setup directly in cloudflare. When doing this it kept my settings from before (which didn’t work as it was on a www site) now on non www

The issue was indeed SSL, I had to set it to strict (not flexible). Once the certificates were loaded it all worked.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts guys!


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