Changed Nameservers - site is down

I’m sure this is a common question, but I can’t find a response. Here is my scenario:

  1. We no longer have the credentials for our CloudFlare account
  2. I created a new account and added our site
  3. I was instructed to changed the nameservers on Godaddy, which I did
  4. Site is now down

Will it come back up on it’s own? Is there something else I need to do?

The domain is in Step 2, but I’m getting a 1020 Origin DNS error for the root domain.

There’s also no DNS entry for ‘www’

@sgeorge, what DNS entries do you have? Are they “A” records, or CNAMEs?

There are ‘A’ and ‘CNAME’ records

Whatever those DNS records are, they might not agree with the DNS records you have at your host. Double-check that they match.

And, just to be sure, your new name servers are supposed to be Dale and Eva?

I will check. And yes, Dale & Eva.

They seem to match. Question: I added a CNAME record for Do I need that?

It’s interesting that you mention a CNAME record for ‘www’, because it’s not showing up. Can you post a screenshot of just that CNAME record?

Do the records need to match exactly? In other words, if there is a www CNAME in GoDaddy should there be one in CloudFlare?

You have a CNAME for adatile, but it points to www. And there’s no DNS record for www. That’s why it’s broken. The DNS record for adatile is most likely an “A” record with an IP address (probably the one ending in .12). Then a CNAME for www that points to the main domain.

The records should match very closely, if not exactly. Some people make some custom changes.

Sorry, but I am sort of new to all this.

Am I adding a www CNAME record pointing to the ipaddress?

Godaddy has it as a CNAME, with a value of @.

Can you post a screenshot of those DNS records at GoDaddy?

Just added this:


Now it’s a loop. One of those needs to be an “A” record with an IP address.

Changed the www record to and “A” and set it to the .12 ipaddress, and it’s back up!!

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your help.


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