Changed nameservers of my domain from the ones given by namecheap to the ones given by cloudflare

I recently changed the nameservers for my domain. I am hosting my website with namecheap. My domain therefore has nameservers as provided by namecheap hosting. I recently changed the nameservers from namecheap nameserver to ones given by Cloudflare.

I was execting the website to go offline and Cloudflare somehow provide me with a new cpanel maybe. But my website at namecheap is still up and functioning.

Someone explain why this is so.

When you added your domain to Cloudflare it scanned your Namecheap nameservers and imported whatever it could / knew about. That includes your main hosting records, so it basically just mirrored your previous nameservers and now still points to your Namecheap hosting.

That is the whole point of Cloudflare.

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Oh okay. Lets say i just bought a domain and i want to point it to Cloudflare.

The domain wont have nameservers. What will i do then.I want to host the domain on digitalocean where they just give me the ip address of my droplet.

Secondly, can i use a vps server without a tld,just an ip address to Cloudflare?.

Please check out

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