Changed nameservers from one Cloudflare to another, then undid it, but no change

Hello, I have a website that I made a clone of in another server (the clone is Both the .com and .co sites use Cloudflare accounts, but different ones. I pointed the GoDaddy nameservers from the original to the clone, as part of the migration. But the clone site had some issues so to roll back the changes, I re-pointed the nameservers on GoDaddy back to the way they were.

The Whois information clearly shows the nameservers are as they originally were. However, the website is still not changing back. Please help?

I just had a wild thought. My cloudflare DNS, and the original account, have a “_domainconnect” record on them. Could it be that when I switched over the nameservers to the new cloudflare… that the original cloudflare also synced with these changes, effectively making them a copy of my new DNS records?

Thus, even though the nameservers are now pointing back to the original account, the DNS records of the original account are a clone of the second account’s records?

Is that even how this works? Or am I totally making this up?

.co is not using cloudflare, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

What are you trying to accomplish?