Changed nameservers for my domain and it stuck at pending nameserver update


Hello, my domain was previously connected to another cloudflare account, i have lost the phone for 2fa so i had to create a new cloudflare. I have changed the nameservers and now the domain is just stuck at pending nameserver update. Does anyone know if its normal to wait 48 hours? or could this be because it is already using another cloudflare?


what is the domain? Has the registrar definitely changed the nameservers to the new ones? Especially with European registrars this can sometimes be an issue.

Also, what should the cloudflare nameservers be according to your new account?


I am sorry, i was in some panic because normally when i have done this it takes 10 min - 2 hours but ive been waiting almost 40 hours for this and i thought something was wrong and didnt want to wait for something to not happen. But cloudflare has contacted me now and everything is fine now! Thanks domjh.


No problem, glad the issue is sorted.

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