Changed Nameservers and now our website is down

2 days ago, we received an email from Cloudserver support that we should change our nameservers to the 2 Cloudflare nameservers, and delete all other nameservers that were previously listed there.

We did that and now our website has been offline for 2 days and counting. We have also lost FTP access, etc.

When I contacted Godaddy support (where we are hosted), they say that it is still propogating and we should just wait, but it seems weird that we are still down after more than 2 days.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?
Thanks for your help

Hey :wave:

So nameserver updates can take that long. Usually they complete faster but it is possible that they are still propagating.

Can you share the domain here so we can take a look and confirm if that is/is not the case?

According to DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool it should be switched over to the new NS now.

Do you have an A or CNAME record at on the Cloudflare dashboard?

I just checked the Cloudflare dashboard and under DNS management, I can see one “A” listing and 4 “CNAME” listings…

Is that a good thing…?


If that’s been imported so, no issue. As of now, I see your site is functioning.

When I go to I still see the white site index page…are you saying the site is live for you?

Yes it is. Isn’t it though?

I’m seeing an empty Apache index page that indicates that it is being served from port 80 despite the connection to Cloudflare being made using TLS on port 443. This suggests that the SSL mode is set to Flexible, which is a Bad Thing™. Using Full (Strict) is much safer.

Was the site working correctly with SSL before introducing Cloudflare?

What happens when you pause Cloudflare?


Yes it was

How about the other question?

“What happens when you pause Cloudflare”
When I pause Cloudflare, our site becomes instantly live again…

Facing the same problem…Has your issue been resolved???

We have to be missing some key piece of the puzzle here.

Who is Cloudserver support that you mentioned in your original post? Where you referring to Cloudflare or is there a third party by that name?

Have you used another third party who may have used Cloudflare services that you might not have been aware of? If that is possible, you might be seeing their server when Cloudflare is active.


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